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41 Gnome Christmas Jokes, Funny Gnome Puns

What a better ways to kick of Christmas than with a time tested list of 41 Gnome Christmas Jokes. We have collected 41 of the best gnome Christmas jokes and puns of 2023 enjoy! If you want more Christmas jokes here is 12 days of Christmas Jokes


41 Gnome Jokes and Puns Submitted by readers

 Christmas Gnome Jokes #8

The gnome flunked his spelling test because he forgot it was Friday?

If only he’d Gnome!


The miniature golf coach told his players, “Go big or go Gnome.”


In Latin, it is said that ‘All roads lead to Gnome.’


In the far west is where the buffalo Gnome.


The Garden Gnome General showed his enemies Gnome mercy.

 Christmas Gnome Jokes #7

 How is Christmas exactly like your job? 

You do all the work and some fat guy in a suit gets all the credit.

Christmas Gnome Jokes #2


What’s the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the ordinary alphabet?

 The Christmas alphabet has


What do you call an elf that can sing and dance?


 Christmas Gnome Gift Sale

What do people chant at the gnome party?

Go big or gnome home. 


What’s the most common phrase used by teachers in a gnome school?

It’s a little gnome fact. 


Why were the gnomes ticketed by the park ranger?

He warned then this is not a gnome-naked beach. 


 Why are so many gnomes successful?

Good things come to gnomes who wait. 


What do you call a down-and-out gnome?


 Which summer camps are best chosen by gnomes?

Those that let you choose your gnome adventure. 


 What line in an alien movie do gnomes love the most?

“ET phone gnome.” 


Why are there so few famous gnome playwrights?

Many of them are ungnome. 


A little gnome fact


Eaten out of house and gnome


Gnome for the holidays

Christmas Gnome Jokes #3


Until the cows come gnome


There’s gnome body like you


What do you call a gnome who dresses nice?

A metronome!


Gnomes can be quite annoying when they’re indecisive, all they say is yes, gnome. maybe.


Did ya hear the one about the gnome who tried to pay for dinner with a gnome?

He came up short on the bill.

Christmas Gnome Jokes #4


What do you call a gnome in a clothes dryer?

A fidgety midget spinner.


Why are gnomes so pragmatic?

They don’t have tall tales.


What do you call a psychic gnome who escaped from prison? 

A small, medium at large.


What do you call a gnome in a clothes dryer? 

A midget spinner.

 Gnome T shirt Christmas

The gnome flunked his spelling test because he forgot it was Friday?

If only he’d Gnome!


The miniature golf coach told his players, “Go big or go Gnome.”


In Latin, it is said that ‘All roads lead to Gnome.’


In the far west is where the buffalo Gnome.


The Garden Gnome General showed his enemies Gnome mercy.


 If your job is too hard, you might need a Gnome holiday.

Christmas Gnome Jokes #1


What time do zombie gnomes wake up?

 At Ate O'Clock.


What lesson does a mommy gnome teach to her kids?

Be kind gnome matter what.


What did the grounded gnome say to his dad?

I’d rather be hanging with my gnomies.


What is a gnome’s favorite play by Shakespeare?

Gnomeo and Juliet


What did the leprechaun say to the gnome on St Patrick’s Day?

You’re lucky and you gnome it!


What soap opera do gnomes love?

Aussie favorite Gnome and Away.


It's movie night, time to watch A League of Their Gnome.


We learned about the Gno-man conquest in school today.


I've just bought some more supplies, they had a great selection at gnome depot


You don't gno-me


If only I'd gnome. 


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Funny Gnome Puns: A Christmas Report

Oh, gnome. Yes, you read that right - gnome! It's Christmas, ladies and gents, a time when all things merry, joyous, and incredibly gnome-filled occur. It's a time when we gather around the hearth, a gnome figurine glistening by the flames. We hold close to our sides cups of hot cocoa as we share contagious chuckles about our favorite gnome puns. An oddly specific tradition? Sure, but isn't that the charm of the holidays?

Once upon a time, in a land not too un-gnomelike, we stumbled upon a jolly old gnome. This gnome had a merry twinkle in his eyes and a grin so broad, it could only mean one thing - he had an excellent gnome joke up his tiny sleeve.

"Why don't gnome jokesters ever get cold at Christmas?" he asked with a jovial chuckle. We shook our heads, gnome-like curiosity piqued. "Quite simple, really," he answered, his gnome laugh echoing in the snowflakes around us. "Because they have a dry sense of humor!" And with that, we joined the gnome in his heartwarming laughter, our giggles as infectious as the gnome Christmas spirit.
Oh, those funny gnome puns really do deck the halls with hilarity, don't they? There's just something about a gnome that adds sparkle to a mundane joke, no? Maybe it's their gnome-like charm, or perhaps the fact that they're hilarious little creatures. Christmas just isn't the same without a gnome or two (or fifty, who's counting?) to lighten up the atmosphere.

Now we understand if you're a little rusty on your gnome puns. But don't worry, gnome's got you covered! We've got a whole book of gnome jokes, just waiting to be told. With classics like, "Why did the gnome bring a ladder to the Christmas party?" "He heard the high notes on the Christmas carols were unreachable." And let's gnomet forget, "What does a gnome call a snowman with no nose?" "Smells suspicious."
Moving on, let's not forget the famous joke, "Why couldn't the gnome share any Christmas secrets?" "His hat was too tight!" Now those gnome jokes are something to crack your Christmas pudding over!

The gnome truth is, Christmas is never complete without a sprinkle of gnome humor added to the mix. And when you share these gnome jokes around the yule log, you emblazon the Christmas spirit in your home. Not to forget the gnome puns you'd be arming your family and friends with for the next Christmas season. Talk about a gnome-gnome situation!

So there you have it, folks, gnomes and their gnome puns: a Christmas report! Top off your Christmas gnome celebration with those hilarious gnome Christmas jokes. Just remember, if anyone asks you to stop telling gnome jokes, simply respond with "Gnome problem!" and carry on.


Dad Jokes: A Collection of Gnome Inspired Puns and Sayings

Who doesn't love a good gnome joke? Gnome puns and gnome jokes have a quirky quality to them, rather similar to gnomes themselves. Is it their hats? Their job as protectors of our gardens? We don’t gnome, but whatever it is, it's clear that gnome jokes are a solidly punny business. You might think gnomes are insignificant, but when you involve gnome dad jokes, well you're in for a treat, my friend. These funny gnome puns will get you laughing and leave you in stitches. Gnome matter what type of day you're having, a good gnome pun can always brighten it up.

Moving on, let's begin our exploration into the hilarious world of gnome jokes, gnome puns, and gnome sayings. You're probably wondering: "What in the gnome's name could they be?" The answers may leave you chuckling. For instance, what do you call a gnome who's gone bad? A gnome-anomaly, of course! And what's a gnome's favorite fruit? Well, pome-gnome, naturally!
"But, wait," you might be asking, "What about those funny gnome Christmas jokes, you mentioned?" Oh, we've not forgotten those! Picture this, a gnome walks into a Christmas party and says: "I must begetting gnome for Christmas, my presence is too bright!". The humor in gnome Christmas jokes lies in their simplicity and their power to spark joy. Gnomes don't celebrate Christmas? Well, "Yule" be surprised!

I gnome you're probably rolling your eyes right now, but bear with us. We still have some gnome's day jokes up our sleeve. What did the gnome do when he couldn't find his socks on laundry day? He had to "gnome it out"! Yes, style is sacrifices sometimes! And how do gnomes promise love? They simply exclaim, “I love you gnome matter what!” Such gnomantic, right?

Now, who wouldn't love a gnome dad joke to lighten up their mood? As you've probably guessed, these dad jokes are more than just amusing - they have a touch of innocence and are peppered with puns to make them even funnier. Dad jokes seem to have the magical ability to make anyone crack a smile, and gnome dad jokes are no exception. They somehow manage to combine the right amount of silliness and wit, resulting in entertainment and laughter. So when you're feeling down, remember there's always a gnome joke waiting to lighten up your day.

In essence, gnome jokes, puns, and sayings come in every flavor: sweet, salty, and even a little spicy. Whether you want to groan, laugh, or both at the same time, gnome jokes are always a fun addition to any day. We hope these funny gnome sayings, puns, and jokes brought a twinkle to your eyes and a smile to your face. And remember, in the world of gnomes, laughter is always the best garden prescription!

Share the Laughter: Christmas Gnomes Tell Their Best Dad Jokes

Have you ever wondered why Santa's gnomes, much like Santa himself, love the holiday season so much? I'll let you in on a little Christmas secret. Beyond their craft of making toys and gifts, these jovial gnomes absolutely love to share a hearty holiday laugh. They've got a treasure trove of Christmas jokes that are more addictive than Christmas pudding! And, you know what they say, a good joke shared is merriment doubled, especially during Christmas.

So, suitcase up, folks! It's time for a holiday voyage into the enchanting world of the Christmas gnome. Picture this: a jolly red Christmas gnome, complete with a Santa hat (of course), perched on an elegant Christmas ornaments. He flexes his miniscule muscles and clears his throat. "Wanna hear a good gnome pun?" he asks, twinkling eyes gleaming with humor. You nod, intrigued. "Why don’t gnomes ever get angry? Because they don't have much room for 'mushroom'!". Woah! What a trip! Upvote if you went 'gnome way!', downvote if you expected a better punchline!

You may report rolling your eyes, or a sudden urge to copy this joke and share it with your family and friends, for after these gnomes ring the Christmas bells, it's time for each gnome to dish out their favorite dad joke. Ever wondered what a gnome's idea of a good dad joke is? Well, brace yourself. Here it comes. Why did the gnome refuse to play in the snow? "Because he didn’t want to fall into ‘gnome-man's’ land!" Now that is what we call a gnome run!

This Christmas, it’s not about the size of the gnome in the joke, it's about the size of the joke in the gnome! Despite their petite stature, these gnomes will have you laughing until your belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly. It's hard to tell whether it's the gnome's self-deprecating humor, or the joy they find in amusing others that truly makes these puns so enjoyable. Whichever the case, it's safe to say that these gnomes are the life of the holiday party.

Remember, gnome matter how tough the holiday season may get, it's always a good time for a Christmas joke or two. So gather up your kids, sit cozy by the fire, and let the Christmas gnome pride himself as he dwindles the difference between laughing and learning. 'Gnome-atter' the age, they've a bag full of jokes that appeal to kids and adults alike. Don't miss their favorite - What do you call a gnome who's skipped out on gift duty? A ‘gnome-show’!

So hey, next time the family gathers around for the annual Christmas photo, why not include a gnome or two? They might just lighten up the moment with their outlandish humor. After all, a gnome for the holiday is a whole lot of play! And remember, if anyone asks, you didn't hear these jokes from me. You've been regaled by gnome other than Santa's very own Christmas gnomes, the true jesters of the North pole! Downvote if you didn't chuckle, upvote to have the gnomes back with more entertainment!

From learning toys to funny puns, these gnomes have got a world full of humor to offer, brimming with endearing holiday spirit. So go ahead, have yourself a merry little Christmas, filled with gnome-end of laughs, chuckles, and giggles!

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