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Christmas Cat jokes and puns, they hold a special place in our hearts, don't they? They make us smile, scratch our heads, and leave us wanting more - just like the affectionate nudge of your favorite feline nuzzling into you for some Christmas love. Following these rules, you'll find yourself “purr-esenting” some of the funniest Christmas cat jokes ever in no time! So, cat-ch this Christmas spirit, and let good old Saint Catrick lead the way. More laughs 12 days of christmas jokes


 31 Christmas Cat Jokes tested for laughs


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1.) What did the cat say when it saw the Christmas tree for the first time?

"Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, your ornaments are history!"


2.) It’s Christmas, let’s pawty!


3.) What's a cats favourite colour?



4.) What happened after the cat ate a ball of wool?

 She had mittens.

 Christmas Cat Jokes 5

5.) I’m feline fine!


6.) What do you call a pile of kittens?



7.) Are you feline festive?


8.) How is cat food sold?
Purrrr can


9.) Kiss me under the meowistle toe

 Christmas Cat Jokes 10

10.) What do you get if you cross a cat with a lemon?

A sourpuss!


11.) What do you call a cat on the beach during Christmastime?

Sandy Claws!


12.) Have a clawsome Christmas!


13.) Walkin’ in a Whisker wonderland!


14.) What's a cat's favorite Shakespeare play?

"Romeow and Juliet"!


15.) What's a cat's favorite Christmas carol?

"Silent Mice"!

 Christmas Cat Jokes 16

16.) When is it bad luck to see a black cat?

 When you’re a mouse!


17.) I’m a total cat purr-son.


18.) Why do cats always win video games?

Because they have nine lives!


19.) Why do cats hate laptops?

They don't have a mouse.


20.) What's every kitten’s favorite movie? 

The Little Purr-maid.

 Christmas Cat Jokes 21

21.) Why are cats skittish around Christmas trees?

Because of their bark


22.) Why did the cat sit on the computer during Christmas?

Because it wanted to keep an eye on the mouse!


 23.) What is a French cat’s favorite dessert?
 Chocolate mouse


24.) What did the sick cat say?

"I feel clawful!"


25.) Thanks fur the memories.


26.) It’s the meow-st wonderful time of the y-ear!


27.) Why did the cat give everyone gag gifts for Christmas?
He was just Kitten around.

 Christmas Cat Jokes 28

28.) How do two cats end a fight?

They hiss and make up!


29.) Stop stressing meowt!


30.) Why was the cat always excited for Christmas morning?

Because it knew there would be lots of "purr-sents" under the tree!

 Christmas Cat Jokes 31

31.) We wish you a meow-ry Christmas and a happy new year


32.) Mom, can I have a cat for Christmas this year?

 No, you'll have turkey like the rest of us


33.) Whisker wonderland


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 Discover the Funniest Christmas Cat Jokes and Puns

If you're a cat lover, you must be feline pretty excited about these funny cat Christmas jokes and puns. A few cats, or should I say a clowder of cats, have relished and paw-sitively shone when their humans contemplated these Christmas cat puns on them. And fur-tunately for you, you’re going to be armed with some clawsome puns to spruce up your festive love of cats this season. 

This cat Christmas season, whisker yourself away from the stress of the holiday hustle and bustle, as we take a walk down meowy lane, swapping your eggnog for some milk. How about we throw in some cat-chy cat Christmas jokes? Trust me, they're purrfect for breaking the ice at your next festive soirée. So, get ready to fall in love, or rather, tumble headfirst into a litter tray of laughter.

Gather around the Christmas tree! It's time for laughter, love, and another chance to flaunt your feline affection. Here's a taste of our cat Christmas puns: "Why was the cat sitting on the computer?" "Because it wanted to keep an eye on the mouse!" Now that’s a "clicker" of a joke, isn't it?
But here's the real eggnog: fur got a chuckler who loves to laugh at cats? Need to lighten the mood at your Christmas celebration? Cross off that Christmouse list and throw in a few Christmas cat jokes into the holiday jingle. Give everyone a Christmas to purr-member, and you're going to be "feline" pretty good about it too! We’ve got plenty more cat’s tail puns that’ll leaving you clawing for more!


Add Some Christmas Cat Puns to Your Joke Gifts for Cat Lovers


Fancy a chuckle? Well, you're in "purrfect" luck! We're jingling all the way with our favorite, favorite, funny Christmas cat puns that will make you laugh your whiskers off. Spice up your holiday season's gift exchange with some hilariously punny cat delights. Imagine, if you will, opening a gift wrapped in festive paper and ribbons, only to find a Christmas shirt - and not just any Christmas shirt, a shirt featuring Christmas cat puns!

Would you not giggle at the sight of a fluffy kitten tangled in Christmas lights with the phrase "Fleas Navidad" plastered beneath it? We guarantee it'd be instantly claw-vered as one's favorite shirt and, dare we say, even a new Christmas favorite. We wouldn't stop there though, not when we can sprinkle more Christmas, Christmas, and even more Christmas into this pet project.

Cat baby onesies! Think about it, folks - a baby onesie adorned with the a-mew-zingly cute illustration of a cat playing with Christmas ornaments and spread all over it - more Christmas cat puns saying "Santa Paws is coming to town". The pet-loving parents would purr with joy and it might just become their favorite baby onesie, making the Christmas baby's first Christmas an absolute delight!

And let's not forget about the wonderful cat lover's who cherish their cats and Christmas in equal measure. We hope they’d "pawsitively" love gift cards laden with more Christmas cat puns that read, "Yule always be purrfect for meow," a pun so fluffy you could curl up in it. Indeed, merriment, laughter, and a whole lot of 'meow's will mark this Christmas!

Our compendium of cat Christmas puns is not just for the cat's enjoyment but meant to raise a chorus of giggles among your friends and family as they share these 'purrfectly' hilarious moments together. The fusion of Christmas and cats in the form of cat puns will make this year's Christmas gifts for cat lovers a truly unforgettable one. So let's welcome this Christmas season with a hearty laugh and loads of cat Christmas puns! Merry Cat-mas everyone!

Let’s have a pawsome Christmas full of cats and cheery puns! Remember, the best gifts are filled with love, laughter, and a sprinkle of cat puns!


Funny Christmas Puns Featuring Cats and the Holiday Season

Looking to add some 'purr-sonality' to your festive season? You've 'paws-itively' reached the ideal page for 'meow-nificent' cat Christmas puns and funny captions. As an avid pet lover, these 'claw-ver' puns will have your cats 'purr-ing' in festive joy. To enchant the kids this holiday season, try the 'Santa Claws' joke or the classic 'Christmas tree-t'; they'll find it 'hiss-terical'!

And 'fur' those in need of a good chuckle, our repertoire of cat Christmas puns is 'purr-fect'! Who wouldn't laugh out loud at the thought of a Christmas cat being posted... quite literally, through a letterbox or sliding down the chimney? Maybe not the cat so much, but certainly, it will get the kids in 'stitches'! These funny, funny, funny 'cat-astrophes' will get you rolling on the floor faster than a cat chasing a ball of yarn.

 Bursting with 'meow-tivation' for the day, day, day, day, day, day celebrations? We're not 'kitten' you, these puns will have you 'feline' merry in no time! Did 'Santa Paws' call, call and leave you a 'purr-esent' under the tree, tree, tree or a 'nip' of something stronger in your 'cat-mas' stocking? Saunter into your school or office Christmas party and stun your friends with a 'cat-tastic' joke.

Of course, what's a CAT-astrophe of hilarity without poking some playful fun at our loveable furry friends? Whether you've got one, two, or seven cats, cats, cats, cats, cats, cats, cats you're sure to find a pun that will have you giggling 'fur' days. Can you imagine the look on your pet's face if you built a snow-cat instead of a snowman this winter? 'Cat-ch' the moment with a photo and create some flap-tapping captions!

In the spirit of the season, why not share this raucously funny collection of jokes and puns, puns, puns, puns with fellow cat enthusiasts? After all, laughter, like a good catnip toy, is always better when shared. So, let's 'purr-suade' everyone to add a pinch of 'purr-fection' to their festive cheer with these cat Christmas, Christmas cat, Christmas cat, Christmas cat, Christmas cat jokes and throw the 'purr-fect' Christmas party. Ho, Ho, Ho... 'Meow-y' Christmas!

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